Zacks Advantage Case Study


Zacks Investment Management, a 30-year wealth management firm, engaged Fetch PR in a product launch campaign for its new robo-advisor product, Zacks Advantage. Robo-advisors were traditionally marketed towards the Millennial generation as a way to diversify a financial portfolio. However, Zacks Advantage is a product for high-net-worth individuals, typically in the Baby Boomer generation, who may not be as familiar with the technology.

Fetch PR was challenged to reach this target audience through a variety of tactics in a four-month-long product launch that directly led to an increase in product signups.



  • 65.7 million media impressions
  • More than 4,000 visits to
  • Approximately 1,000 account signups over the course of the campaign
  • Through trackable links and goal setting in Google Analytics, 46 signups were directly attributed to media placements and social media advertising campaigns








Media Relations - Fetch PR identified the top media outlets to reach the Zacks Advantage target audience, and began a comprehensive media relations campaign to secure placements through ongoing pitching, including product demos and timely news stories about robo-advising. - Fetch PR partnered with top robo-advisor review site to secure a robust demo and product recommendation. 

Content Marketing - Fetch PR created over a dozen pieces of original content about robo-advisors. These articles were housed on the Zacks Advantage website, shared through email marketing campaigns and posted on all Zacks Advantage social media channels.

Social Media, Paid - Fetch PR created two different social media advertising campaigns to run for several months on both Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Social Media, Organic - To supplement the content marketing and paid social media campaigns, Fetch PR created Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for Zacks Advantage. All channels featured a combination of media hits, original articles and third-party content.