How it Works

Over the years, most of the brands we have been privileged to represent have come from insightful introductions from partners like you! This makes total sense. Who else is better equipped to make a meaningful referral than someone who has seen first hand the impact of a great partnership with Fetch? To reward our partners who have given us the ultimate compliment - a great new introduction! - we have put together a Channel Partner Program. See below to learn how you can earn passive revenue averaging  $4,000 a year per referral!


You make an intro

A simple email introduction is all we need.  Don't overthink it. Chances are, you already know everything we have to offer. If you run across or hear of a business owner who has a need, pass them our way, and we will take it from there.  Not sure if it fits? Contact us to see if it makes sense. 


We close the deal

Once you make the introduction, we will contact your lead and find out more about their needs. We don't do much selling at Fetch. At the end of the day, we want to work with people who want to work with us. We are very respectful and appreciative of all our introductions. If their needs match our services, we'll take the appropriate steps to bring them on as a client. 


Everyone wins

Not only will your referral receive amazing PR services, you'll get paid 10% of your referrals monthly retainer. This will occur every month for as long as they remain a client.